Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Differentiation Strategy

Gaining Energy, Processing Information

People gain energy in one of two ways.

1.    Those who prefer extraversion are energized through action and interaction with others. These students need to talk and move to think; too much seatwork or listening to lectures drains their energy, and with it their ability to concentrate.

Strategy: kinesthetic/performance-based, role-play

2.    In contrast, people who prefer introversion are energized by reflection and solitude. Too much activity or not enough wait time before they're expected to share their answers drains them of energy.

Strategy: individual, quiet, writing, reading

Sensing versus intuition

3.    Another set of Jungian preferences describes our starting point for gathering information. People who prefer sensing first pay attention to facts, reality, and past experiences. These students rely on instructions, examples, and hands-on tools or pictures to shape their understanding of mathematical concepts

Strategy: modeling, rubrics, examples

4.    In contrast, intuitive types trust their hunches, making leaps to connect different ideas, and creating analogies. They may need to learn strategies for testing their hunches or supporting their conclusions. No repetition, orderly, building. Help to start – let them go at their own pace. 

Strategy: vocabulary, graphic organizers



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